TPED is often the answer to the crossword clue
[Used Charmin for shenanigans, for short]

Apologies for the short post: burnt my hand yesterday so typing is going to be tough for a while. I chose TPED mostly as there’s not a ton of explanation needed to see it as [Adorned with Angel Soft, say] or even [“Decorated” as a prank, briefly].

Also, the gauze wrapped around my hand makes it appear [Covered with Charmin, perhaps].

So let’s skip to the ways constructors have TPED crossword grids, in a way, and hung up solvers with some prank, pun-heavy clues:

[Gave a roll, briefly?]

[Received Northern exposure?]

[Streamed illegally?]

[Tossed Scott around]

TPS: You don’t need much, just three squares will do it

Of course, before puzzles ever plied clued for TPED there was the present sense, TPS, [Festoons with Charmin, for short]:

Rolls out a prank?

Does some unwanted yard redecoration?

TPED crossword TPS answer clue meaning charmin prank festooned

As it happens, as my burn did, TPS can also be [Causes tissue damage to, maybe?]


What do you think of TPED as a crossword answer?