DEY is the answer to the crossword clue
[Susan of “L.A. Law”] and [Actress Susan]

DEY crossword susan partridge family la law title
image via Horizon Times

There are two ways to say DEY in crosswords: either as the [Actress Susan] or the [Ottoman official].

The first refers to the actor who became a household name as the [Elder Partridge daughter player], making her a [’70s Cassidy cast-mate]. From 1986-1992, she returned yo fame as by playing Grace [Van Owen on L.A. Law], for which she was nominated for three Emmys and won a Golden Globe.

As part of The Partidge Family band, Dey had a chart-topping single in 1970 with “I Think I Love You,” taking the top spot from The Jackson 5.
In 1992, as a star of the [Hit 1980s-’90s show with TV’s first lesbian kiss], LALAW, Dey hosted the show that would become [Che’s gig, briefly], SNL

Then there’s the DEY that used to sneak in as an old [Turkish title] used for a [Persian ruler]. However, that “dey” is generally thought to have evolved from a mispronunciation of BEY, another [Old Turkish title] for an [Ottoman bigwig].

Of course, BEY is now more often seen in association with more current royalty: [Queen ___ (nickname in pop music)].

As a last name in the West, “Dey” doesn’t have such royal lineage. A “dey” was once a female servant, particularly a dairymaid, a word which still shows that history.