SNO is often the answer to the crossword clue
[___-Cat] or [___-cone]

SNO crossword answer clues caps candy nonpareils
SNO: a nonpareil answer?, image via

SNO, crossword puzzles’ [Cone or Cat prefix], is [Wintry stuff, in some product names]. Though the W has melted off, SNO still gets blown into crosswords as

[Cat head?]

NY Sun – November 5, 2009

SNO-Caps: Who’s on the (lower)case?

The history of Sno-Caps, despite their being one of the classic movie candies, is not well-documented online.

There’s some info up at Snack History and Old Time Candy, but whatever reason, the Sno-Caps Wikipedia page is woefully barren. It’s as spotty as the candy is itself, and as sparsely populated as its natural namesake.

Here’s the Wikipedia page in its entirety:

Sno-Caps is a brand of candy consisting of small pieces of semi-sweet chocolate candy covered with white nonpareils.
The candy was introduced in the late 1920s by the Blumenthal Chocolate Company. Ward Foods acquired Blumenthal in 1969. The brand was later purchased by the Chicago-based Terson Company in 1981. Nestlé acquired the brand on January 9th of 1984 from Terson Company. In 2018 the brand was purchased by Ferrara Candy Company, a division of Ferrero SpA.
Sno-Caps can be found around the world, commonly at movie theaters.


So if you have a sweet-tooth for Wikipedia editing, or just want to do dip into a research project, have at it.

Speaking of filling in missing info, a copywriter tweeting from @snocapsw tried to launch a #bringbackthew publicity campaign in April, 2017. Sadly, Sno-Caps seem to be tough terrain for growing grassroots support. Six months later, after 16 tweets, the hunt for the W fell off. I guess it’s a cold case.

Sno(w) Balls chance in Scotland

Comparably, there’s plenty of info about Sno Balls to plow through on Wikipedia, but the info isn’t quite so cheery. Here are the opening two sentences at present:

Sno Balls are cream-filled chocolate cakes covered with marshmallow frosting and coconut flakes formerly produced and distributed by Hostess and currently owned by private equity firms Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co.


Well, if you’re distressed by the thought of one of your favorite childhood snacks not being the property of an international conglomerate worth about half a trillion dollars, consider forking over a few bucks to them so you can spoon some of the marshmallow frosting straight into your mouth.

SNO crossword answer clues caps candy nonpareils

Or, you know, order Snowballs from Tunnock’s, a family-owned Scottish company since 1890. At the very least, I suggest checking out Tunnock’s’ website–it’s a trip.

SNO crossword answer clues caps candy nonpareils