EMU is the answer to a crossword clue like
[Prey for a dingo] and [Outback bird]

EMU crossword big bird outback australian flightless aussie runner ostrich cousin answer clue
image via The Drinks Business

There’s no question that the [Big bird] of crosswords doesn’t live on Sesame Street, but in Australia, where it’s the [Outback runner] called the EMU.

In fact, the EMU is an important [Member of a crossword zoo]. as one of the five biggest animals in crosswords, measured appearances in the grid. The others are the EEL, APE, EWE, and ANT.

As a prime [Member of a crossword aviary?], the EMU is joined by the likes of the MERL, ERN/ERNE, EGRET, WREN, SKUA, AUK, SNIPE, KITE, IBIS, and TIT, to name a few.

The EMU is a [Flightless bird], as are all the members of the four genera that make up the the RATITES [Flightless birds], [Ostriches, emus, etc.], like the RHEA of South America, and the extinct MOA of New Zealand, and two of the EMU‘s fellow varieties of [Aussie bird] species: the KIWI and cassowary.

The KEA is not a ratite, but like the EMU it too could be called a [Bird in the bush].

EMU crossword bird Australian outback runner cousin down under earthbound
The EMU is a [Bird on Australia’s coat of arms], seen here with the famed [Aussie hopper], a ROO

The EMU is a [Bird able to run faster than the fastest human], reaching speeds of up to 31 mph. It’s also a raised as food, making it [Type of steak]. So not only could a clue pun that it’s an [Outback steakhouse meat?], it’s even a [Fast food source?].

And as a [Leather source], it’s and a source of large (green) eggs, the EMU is a [Layer worn by some Australians?].

Okay, that last video really freaked me out. So dinosaur-y. But apparently the emus need to hold their own sometimes, even against their fellow kinsmenfauna on the coat of arms:

So yeah, fighting an EMU might be a bad idea, as [It’ll never fly]. Actually, perhaps all that fighting is what got emu in trouble, making it a [Grounded bird].