NYE is the crossword answer for the clue
[“Science Guy” Bill] or [Dec. 31]

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Happy New Year! Though yesterday, [Dec. 31], was NYE, it was smartly slipped into today’s 2020-themed New York Times puzzle.

Besides, since the puzzle became available on the APP last night, a few hours before [Countdown time, for short], we might as well celebrate the [Night to make ludicrous promises, briefly], today.

I imagine far fewer people than usual donned a tux this NYE, but there probably was at least one [Bill in a bow tie], the [“Science Guy” Bill] Nye.

[Bill promoting science]

Evan Birnholz, Washington Post – Aug. 27, 2017
NYE crossword answer clue meaning pheasant bill science dec 31
NYE, the [PBS science expert] and host of [Netflix’s “Bill ___ Saves the World”], image via lifescript

The [D.C.-born Bill] is also a [Scientist with a ballet-shoe patent]. Here‘s a nice write-up by the Atlantic.

NYE Bill ballet slipper patent
NYE: when the ball drops, and raising the balls of ballerinas’ feet

Before puzzles had the [Emmy-winning scientist] for NYE, crossword clues alluded to the [Comedian Louis] Nye or the [Actress Carrie who was married to Dick Cavett].

To boot, NYE is name of [Nevada’s largest county, by area]. Until I saw it as a clue, I never knew that about Nye, NEV [The Silver St.].

NYE crossword answer clue meaning pheasant bill science dec 31
NYE: [Nevada county in which part of Death Valley National Park is located], via Google maps

Think that’s it? NYET [Putin put-down?], [Pavlovian response?], not yet.

Though it hasn’t appeared anywhere as such in a while, NYE is also a collective noun for a [Group of pheasants] or [Brood of pheasants]. It’s connected with another word for a [Pheasant brood], NIDE.

NYE pheasant group brood collective noun
This pheasant is a few birds short of a NYE, image via Wikipedia Commons

Other collective nouns for pheasants include BEVY, often used for any [Large group] or specifically for a [Group of quail], but seen in the Guardian piece about roasting up pheasants. Similarly, a COVEY works for a [Small flock], [Group of quail], [Passel of partridges], or a [Brood] of pheasants.

But let’s brood on this collection of collectives no longer.

[Scientific American?]

Elizabeth C. Gorski, Crossword Nation – June 9, 2015

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