Crosswords for Kids

The other day, a five-year-old friend asked me what I had sticking out of my back pocket. “That’s a crossword,” I said.

“What’s a crossword?” she asked.

“Well, it’s a kind of puzzle where you have to think of words and put their letters in these little boxes.”

“That sounds fun,” she said.

I asked if she wanted to try it.

“How about first we play tag, then we play crosswords?” she suggested.

And so, huffing and puffing after tag, we gave it a go. I asked her for a three-letter word for a furry pet that started with C, and then a four-letter word for something in the sky that started with M.

She got the answers quickly. “Crosswords are easy,” she announced.


“Are there any good crosswords for kids?” her mother asked?

I wasn’t sure. After making these, I’m still not. So if you and your little one give them a shot, I hope you’ll let me know how it goes. Reach me via the contact page or Tweet at me here.

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  • I suggest going to Settings and turning “Error check mode” ON
  • And it probably makes sense to switch “Show timer” to OFF.
  • Click on the blue “image” icon just below “Settings” to see a clue’s image
  • If you’d rather do the puzzle with pencil and paper, there are printable versions at the bottom of the page. However, you’ll still need to refer to the digital versions of the puzzles for clues.