NEE is often the answer to the crossword clue
[Formerly] or [Born: Fr.]

NEE crossword answer clue born in france formerly called named miss called
Marie, before she was marriée

NEE, which was [Born as] a French word, usually retains its accent when written in English, appearing in both languages as née.

In French née is used as a female part participle of the verb naître, meaning [Born], in the sense like “Marie Antoinette wasn’t born yesterday.” English uses née as an adjective, the way you’d see [Born, in bios], or as a [Wedding page word] meaning [Formerly called]. So “born” in the sense of “Marie Antoinette was born Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna.”

Ironically, it appears as both [At birth] and [Obituary word]–the latter adding a macabre twist to the clue [Formerly known as].

To clue NEE, crossword puzzles may follow the word’s usage and try to clarify things with easy clues

  • Maiden name preceder
  • Formerly
  • Genealogy word
  • At birth

  • Once known as
  • Born: Fr.
  • Originally
  • Alumna bio word
  • Hillary Clinton ___ Rodham

But to make solvers think they’re [Miss given?] about NEE, crossword puzzles might use a tag like:

  • Miss-named?
  • Born this way?
  • Introduction to a former self?
  • Born and bred?
  • Miss appropriation?
  • Prenuptial?
  • Name-dropper’s word?
  • Miss-identification
  • French born?
  • Born abroad?
  • Born on the bayou?

Called on your birthday?

Matt Gaffney, The Wall Street Journal – Dec 20, 2019