TBAR is often the answer for the crossword clue
[Ski lift] or [Skier’s aid]

TBAR for two, image by MesserWoland and WarX

Though it may sound like a place to pick up an Oolong drinker, a TBAR (“T-bar”) is a [Type of ski lift] that’s a [Rope tow alternative].

The TBAR crossword clue in today’s Los Angeles Times, [Retro ski resort site], alludes to the fact that use of this [Two-at-a-time tow], along with other types of surface lifts, went downhill a while back.

But it seems T-bars’ fortunes have turned around and are on the rise again.

TBAR crossword meaning clue puzzle definition retro ski hill
TBAR: [It’s a lift], image via Wirkola

Sure, TBAR may seem simple enough to use as a [Skier’s convenience], especially to those familiar with this particular [Stowe tow].

But solvers from warmer climes may see a clue like [Aid in an uphill climb] and suddenly feel in need of a [Bit of a lift] themselves.

Other clues that tee up TBAR in tricky ways include:

  • [Way up?]
  • [Vail lifter?]
  • [Way to the top]
  • [It’ll help you up]
  • [Sturdy mountain climber?]
  • [It’ll grab you by the seat of your pants]

When TBAR is described as as [Means of reaching a peak level?], it might truly sound like an [Apparatus for pull-ups?].

Curiously, there actually is a piece of exercise equipment for the upper back known as the T-bar row. So while that’s another way that TBAR is a [Bit of a lift], I don’t believe the answer has been purposefully lifted into a puzzle yet in that sense.

TBAR crossword answer meaning clue lift
image via Everkinetic
TBAR crossword answer meaning clue lift
image via buymetal.com

Similarly, the [Metal beam] known as a T-bar for its shape doesn’t get picked up by puzzle constructors much either. And why would it, when there’s so much more fun to be had with the [Way up for a downhiller].

Sadly, a number of other 4-letter types of bars aren’t blessed with such fun homonyms. So when puzzles use clues like [Letter-shaped construction piece] to order up an HBAR, IBAR, LBAR, and ZBAR.

If the grid needs longer girding, similar clues work for the bars’ other names: HBEAM, IBEAM, and TBEAM. (A ZBEAM is the same thing a a ZBAR, but hasn’t been used in a puzzle yet.)

There’s also the other type of ZBAR: but puzzles are yet to have clued it along the line of the kids snack from CLIF [Big name in energy bars].

ZBAR TBAR crossword answer meaning clue lift zbeam CLIF
ZBAR: a Clif at the school cafeteria table?, image via world.openfoodfacts.org

Meanwhile, “ABEAM” is a [Nautical direction] meaning [Crosswise, at sea].

And when [“A rabbi, a priest and a duck walk into ___ …” ABAR, they probably aren’t banging their heads into steel.

To summit up, though TBAR shouldn’t prove much of a hurdle, take care not to trip up as you approach this [Tower on a mountain].