SSR is often the answer to the crossword clue
[Georgia, once: Abbr.] or [Ukr., once: Abbr]

SSR crossword answer clue soviet georgia kazakhstan lith ukr inits old map ukr atlas letter
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The abbreviation SSR, is a set of [Old map letters] short for “Soviet Socialist Republic.”

As they do with UAE (the United Arab Emirates), with SSR crossword puzzles keep a [Dated map abbr.] in constant circulation–even if it’s an

Abbr. in a geography book that should probably be recycled

Brendan Emmett Quigley – July 14, 2011

As SSR applied to [Any of the Baltic states, once: Abbr.], these [Bloc letters, once] can refer to [One of 15 until 1991: Abbr.], such as

  • Georgia, once
  • Kazakhstan, once: Abbr.
  • Kyrgyzstan, once: Abbr.
  • Moldavia, e.g.: Abbr.
  • Armenia or Azerbaijan, once (abbr.)

  • Ukr. or Lith., once
  • Estonia, once: Abbr.
  • Belarus, once: Abbr.
  • Byelorussia, as a UN member
  • Latvia, for one: Abbr.

Georgia, while Carter was pres.

Theresa Schmidt, Wall Street Journal – Feb 8, 2018

Somehow, as far as I can see no one’s gone with a clue like {Old Lett letters}, yet. No doubt, cracking jokes about about a period so full of horrors for so many could be seen as pretty hardhearted. But others would say that puns like [Mold., once], even if they are pretty gross and cold, are pretty harmless, despite the groans they induce.

Est., once

Robert H. Wolfe, New York Times – November 3, 2001